Our Homes

Our Homes

If you have a friend or a family member who has expressed their desire to remain in a home setting, we can help ease the transition with a compassionate helping hand. We provide a quality of life for our residents that is unlike any other; a quality of life that we all long for and deserve.


Each resident of Ludder’s Country Home has their own private bedroom. We encourage each resident to decorate their room as they see fit, to make it feel just like home. Our activities and social events during the week are varied. We have weekly card games, regular movie nights, arts and crafts hour; we celebrate individual birthdays and important dates, with all family members invited. Meal times are a “family” event, with much conversation and laughter. Our services include all utilities – electric, heat, telephone, cable TV. Our team of caregivers include Pamela Stasack, Helen Bridenbeck, and Patty Ludder, who are here on a daily basis, adding to the loving atmosphere within our home. All of us, the residents and staff, are truly a family unit. A special thanks to Dr. Lisa Thorn who has been very caring towards our residents, and a great friend to Ludder’s Country Home.


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