“My Mom was one of the first residents to move into Ludder’s Country Home along Route 150. It was a difficult (but right) decision to move her there as she needed 24 hour professional care. The move was especially difficult as she was 97 and had lived in her home in North Greenbush all her life (she was even born there). Ginny, Pete and staff made her (and her family) feel very much at ease with the move and with daily warm greetings, hugs and kisses. The focus on their residents seems like making each person one of their precious, important family members. The daily routine of meals, personal care and special needs were always a part of their caring attention. When Mom was being difficult to eat a meal, Peter would come and put his arm around her…then, she ate her meal with a big smile. We visited almost every day and always enjoyed good conversations and many laughs with Mom and staff, giving Mom daily, positive experiences. It is this kind of loving attention that brought assurance to us that Mom was in a great environment with loving, caring staff. As Mom’s life was nearing an end, they did much to comfort her and her family. We were able to spend final moments with her, knowing she was heaven bound, but also knowing she had the loving care that she needed for the last months of her earthly life. I have no reservations commending Pete, Ginny and staff for making Ludder’s Country Home a loving, resident focused family HOME.”


-Kenneth Markussen

“When our family realized Mom needed full-time care, we didn’t know where to turn. Discovering Ludder’s Country Home was truly a blessing. Mom lives in their lovely home and receives wonderful care from their staff of qualified caregivers. She’s happy, and our family is grateful to Peter and Ginny Ludder for all they do for Mom.”


-Joan Besch

To those investigating and contemplating having their loved ones live in this setting, I had to make this same decision regarding my mom, Mary Sawyer.

My mom could no longer live on her own. My brothers who live in California and myself in Florida investigated placing her in a facility close to where we lived. Upon hearing this consideration, Ginny suggested we consider Ludder’s Country Homes. We were familiar with the service provided. The advantage we had was that Ginny grew up across from my childhood home so I’ve known her since elementary school. The Ludder’s are like a second family to us so it was without hesitation we placed my mom into Ludder’s Country Homes.

I emphasize FAMILY. Even though they considered Mary like a grandmother and treated her with the reverence and respect of that stature, I noticed all residents are treated like this. The love, patience, empathy and care provided can’t be beaten in a nursing home level of care situation. It is not an antiseptic and institutionalized setting whereby residents aren’t getting the love and attention they deserve. I knew Ginny well enough to know the quality care she’d provide but also experienced the same thing with all those Ginny employs. I seriously doubt residents in regular nursing homes reply to staff by saying, “I love you.” This works both ways. The standard and expert care provided is excellent and the ratio of residents versus staff can’t be beat in any institutional setting.

I highly endorse Ludder’s Country Homes. I have no problem with anyone personally calling me to inquire and learn what services they provide. You won’t be disappointed. Believe me, I’ve been there and done that.



Paul Sawyer

I recommend Ludder’s Country Homes for anyone looking for care of an elderly loved one. Ginny and Peter Ludder have created a loving home full of sociability, personalized care, skilled care giving and medical support, friendship, and humor. Our mother was treated as a valued member of the family there. She was loved. The caregivers at Ludder’s County Home cared for our mother with patience, interest and respect. Much like her own home, we were able to stop by and visit her in her room or socialize in the living room. It felt very much like going to her house rather than an institutional nursing home. The Ludder’s family always welcomed us with a smile and had open communication about our mother’s care. We always felt that she was in good hands and were so grateful for it. Sadly, our mother passed away due to her Parkinson disease but even that process and experience was made easier due to the commitment and care of the Ludder’s caregivers. Thank you Ludder’s Country Home, we are forever grateful!


Lots of love,

Kathleen Harland

Just a short note to express my appreciation to you, Ginny and all the staff at Ludder’s Country Adult Home who provide such caring and compassionate care to my Aunt, Charlotte. I know that, because of her increasing health and personal care and needs, she presented some challenges to staff and required extra time and effort from your personnel. These seemed to be offered willingly. You are passionately committed to making a difference in the lives of your residents and families you serve. You provide the highest quality care and excellent services, while promoting social interaction of seniors in a nurturing family-like environment.

It provided me great comfort to know that Charlotte was receiving good care in a clean, family setting and welcoming environment. Know that your work is acknowledged and appreciated.


Thank you,

Michele O.

“At a very difficult time in our lives my family and I met Ginny and Peter Ludder when we visited Ludder’s County Home. We were very lucky to meet them as we needed 24 hour care for our mom as our dad was very ill and we were caring for both parents. At one point, both our parents were at Ludder’s. It takes a very short time to feel very comfortable there. Their home is open to all your family day and night as every one of us visited daily. Home cooked meals are prepared on site and the home backed cookies are delicious! Ginny, Peter and ALL of their staff care for your family with kindness, compassion and treat your family as theirs! Ludder’s is a special place and my family and I will keep them in our hearts forever and we are very grateful we met them!”


-Linda Fitzpatrick

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